The "Tracciolino Trail"

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  • Time

    5h – 7h

  • Distance

    33 km

  • Difficulty

    technique S1-S2, fitness condition 3

  • Elevation

    1100 m (climb) - 1100 m (descent)

  • Tips

    knee pads

  • Price per person

    75 € (2 people)

    55 € (from 3 people)


The "Tracciolino" trail is one of the most important works of engineering in Valchiavenna. Built in the 1930s it is about 10km in length with no less than 22 tunnels carved into the rock with a sheer drop overlooking lower Valchiavenna, and connecting two valleys, "Val Codera" and "Val dei Ratti". At each end of the trail there is a dam, one of which can still be reached today while the other is inaccesible due to a landslide which occurred in the '80s.

Fortunately, the most panoramic section is the one which is accessible situated at the beginning of the Val dei Ratti.

Our riding day begins in Verceia with a climb of about 6 km on a tarmac road, reaching a height of 920 m to take the Tracciolino trail. From here, we continue along this wonderful route offering spectacular views over Valchiavenna and the lakes of Novate Mezzola and Como, where in some sections we can still find the old railway tracks used by the workers to move from one area to another. A succession of valleys and creeks, connected by illuminated tunnels: don't take too long riding through them because the lights are on a timer and you will risk being left in the dark before you reach the end! On reaching the little hamlet of Cola, we turn back along the same side to reach the "Moledana" dam situated at the end of the Val dei Ratti. From here we go up to Frasnedo to reach a beautiful lodge in the centre of the small village to enjoy an excellent lunch! The descent to take us back down to Verceia will be the true icing on the cake for a fantastic day's riding!



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